First test flight with the boss and it’s with Vin Diesel…

The next week the main flight attendant, Kelly, who had been with the company for years called and said that she would be going with me on my next flight to make sure I was doing everything correctly and then would decide if I was right for the position. In the mean time, I had taken Travis to a doggie daycare facility where he tested with the other dogs and passed with flying colors. It was $40 a night for him to stay there and he loved it! Then I met the neighbors. Our yards were separated by a chain link fence which Travis somehow wiggled his way through and into their doggie door. All of a sudden, he was sitting in their front window and they had no idea where he came from. It could not have been more perfect. My neighbors had 2 dogs that loved to play and thought I was crazy for wanting to pay $40 a day, so they offered to keep an eye on him when I was gone! Everything was lining up perfectly, now I just had to impress the boss on our test flight…and I was in.

Boss lady called me the night before to let me know that Vin Diesel had booked for the next day and we were to fly to Daytona to pick him up from the race. Now Vinnie baby had just released Triple X and was the hot ticket in Hollywood, so after she told me that, my jaw dropped to the floor. OMG, he was hot and I was single, was the first thing that came to mind. She must have sensed that too because her next words were very clear. ‘Carrie, you cannot be star struck, you don’t chat it up with the client, quick yes or no answers and then you make an excuse to go back to the galley, do not flirt or try to pass out your phone number.’ Now I’m not sure if those were her exact words, but I got the picture. She had flown with heaps of celebrities so this was no big deal for her, no matter how hot he was, I had to keep it professional.

We arrived at the executive airport in Daytona where there was a huge tent with free food, TV’s, music and all kinds of things to keep the crew happy while they waited for our clients. As the time passed, the skies started to get a bit grey and the dark clouds were rolling in. It was starting to looking pretty scary outside but no one seemed to be concerned so I just figured it was no big deal. Boss lady and I had our fill of food and were waiting it out on the Gulfstream in order to avoid getting caught in the rain when his limo pulled up. She greeted him at the top of the stairs and I was standing inside, just past the galley, in front of the seating area.

Mr. Diesel looked pretty hot already in the movies, but in person, he was even hotter and wore a tight white t-shirt and jeans….OMG!!! I was so star struck and somehow had to hide it. She seemed cool as a cucumber and thought it was best that I take the lead to see how I do. As he shook my hand, we made eye contact, introduced ourselves and kind of gazed at each other until he sat down. This could have been my imagination or him just wondering why his flight attendant was staring at him like a piece of chocolate cake. The weather outside had gone from a rainstorm to what seemed like a Cat 1 hurricane, if that was a commercial jet, we would have never left the tarmac, but because it was private, we took off anyway.

His buddies immediately went to sleep which left him with nothing to do but talk to me and he did, over and over. I managed to whisper that I’m on a training flight and talking to the clients for too long is strictly forbidden, his response, ‘well I paid for the plane and I want to talk to you.’ During all of this, my boss and I are being thrown around the plane from the storm when we should have been strapped in our seats for safety, but instead we stood in the doorway of the galley, giggling and chatting away with the hottie. At one point, I asked him if anyone ever called him Vinnie unleaded by accident, ha, took him a minute, but he got a chuckle from that one.

As I was clearing away his dinner plate, he asked if he could get my number because he was looking into buying his own jet and would need a flight attendant. Wow, of course I was going to give him my phone number and I just happen to have business cards handy, the hard part was getting it to him without her seeing. So being a clever single girl, I put it under his dessert plate, placed it in front of him and quietly said, it’s under your plate, please be discreet about picking it up. Did I mention how suave he was, even the way he sat in his chair exuded sex, this man was fine and he knew it.

We made it safely to the ground; he shook my hand again and left the plane. To this day I’ll never know if he called, because about a month later I switched from my cell from a Tampa number to a Fort Lauderdale one which was probably for the best. Apparently I did a great job of hiding my flirting because Kelly called the next day and said she is going to conduct one more test flight with me so be packed and ready. You would think since I got away with exactly what she told me not to do on my first training flight that I would be on my best behavior for the next one, but being young and dumb, I did something stupid again….

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