Why am I writing this story?

My parents worked very hard but vacations to far away places just weren’t normal for us. We would go camping, or drive to a relatives in another state once in a while, but spring break in Florida or a week in Hawaii wasn’t something we did. I’d never even been out of the US until I was 30 and that was for a job. I didn’t have the means to book a nice hotel, buy a plane ticket and take myself out to a fancy restaurant. I wanted all of those things and finally, at 45, I have them!

My story starts off in 2015 when I left a comfy, but dead end desk job to be my own boss.  Then I take you back to my past and how I came to be who I am with embarrassing but true stories of my journey to adulthood.

My goal is to inspire anyone, at any age, to change something, anything in life, that isn’t making you happy. It could be a job, relationship, friends or even your health. At 43 I somehow found the courage to leave a very comfortable desk job and go out on my own, travel and be my own boss. I made this and many other changes in my life and so can you….!

So please keep reading, I will take you on my journey from growing up as an awkward kid, going out into the world alone, typically with only a few bucks in my pocket, ┬áto eventually traveling the world. From Asia, Europe, the US, Caribbean and more. My story is only just beginning…!