Why am I writing this story?

My parents worked very hard but vacations to far away places just weren’t normal for us. We would go camping, or drive to a relatives in another state once in a while, but spring break in Florida or a week in Hawaii wasn’t something we did. I’d never even been out of the US until I was 31 and that was for a job. I didn’t have the means to book a nice hotel, buy a plane ticket and take myself out to a fancy restaurant. I wanted all of those things and finally, at 45, I have them!

My goal is to inspire anyone, at any age, to change something, anything in life, that isn’t making you happy. It could be a job, relationship, friends or even your health. At 43 I somehow found the courage to leave a very comfortable desk job and go out on my own, travel and be my own boss. I made this and many other changes in my life and so can you….!

So please keep reading, I will take you on my journey from growing up as an awkward kid, going out into the world alone, typically with only a few bucks in my pocket, ┬áto eventually traveling the world. From Asia, Europe, the US, Caribbean and more. My story is only just beginning…!